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Monday, March 31, 2008

Boat trailer maintenance - Bearings and Hubs - Road Ready

Big Bass Classifieds:

Boat trailer maintenance - Bearings and Hubs - Road Ready?

With boating season upon us (well, for fishermen anyway); Big Bass Classifieds Recommends that you perform an inspection and maintenance of your trailer particularly, of the hubs and bearings. (A little preventive maintenance can save you a lot of headaches.)

But there's More!
Below is a post (found at, that List a few other things to look for on your trailer, before you hit the road. Read and Enjoy!

read AIG article | digg AIG article


Tapered Roller Bearings said...

A bearing can be break down if proper care is not taken. It should be lubricated time to time. It allows free movement of wheel. But if it goes out of order it starts making a harsh or noticeable sound. If you are turning to the right a grinding sound come from the left hand side it mean that left hand side bearing break down and if it opposite take place than right side bearing is affected.


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