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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tackle Shop For Sale in Starbuck, Washington

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Darver Tackle Shop For Sale
in Starbuck, Washington

In a Search, for Tackle shops For Sale. I found; The Darver Tackle Shop in Starbuck, Washington. I don't know anything about the shop, other than what I've read on the website, and saw in the video above. But it looks like a real nice little business. Especially if, the RV Park goes along with it.

Unfortunately there is very little information as to price, and/or terms, if any. So all I can really tell you is that the Darver Tackle Shop is a full service Tackle shop with a wide variety of fishing gear and baits. Their rods, reels, and tackle are specially chosen for fishing the local rivers and streams. They also sell fishing licenses. And they have current information on river conditions.

It seems also, that this is a Mom&Pop operation. With "Darcy", making his own lures and sinkers (patent pending) which can also be purchased with the shop. And he keeps a large supply of "do it yourself" items in stock for those who like to make their own lures. If you're looking for a fishing guide, he's been known to take a group out on occasion.

Then there is "Verna", who keeps busy running the tackle shop. Though she does find time to draw and paint. You can see some of her beautiful art work displayed throughout the shop.

Then there are the 2 Darver Tackle RV Parks.
(Call for lot pricing, and Note; I'm not sure if the RV Park are included in the sale.)

Darver RV Park #1, has 3 FULL service spaces each with a 50 amp hookup, water, sewer, telephone, a patio area, grass, and trees and is conveniently located in downtown Starbuck.

Darver RV Park #2, has 5 FULL service spaces each with a 50 amp hookup, water, sewer, telephone/satellite ready, a 12x14 patio area and attached sidewalk, grass, and trees. Located along the banks of the Tucannon River in Starbuck.

All in all, and if i had a supporting wife. I think I would have to check into purchasing this little tackle shop. But, with things as they are, I will just have to pass the knowledge along to whoever happens to read this blog post. So, if your reading, and you like, and you're interested...

Visit the Darver Tackle Shop website.
(which could be improved upon, i might add. and set up to accommodate Online Ordering.)



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