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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sea Eagle 14ft Inflatable Pontoon Boat For Sale!

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Sea Eagle 440fc FoldCat
14ft 3-4person Inflatable Pontoon Boat
For Sale!

Perfect for spontaneous fishing trips, the Sea Eagle® 440fc FoldCat pontoon-style fishing boat goes from your car trunk, to a fishing machine IN JUST 5 MINUTES!

The 440fc Deluxe Package holds four adults and gear and includes: 3 swivel seats, 3 quick release swivel seat mounts, 2 lockable oarlocks/oarpins, 2 AB20 oars, A41 foot pump, 4 rod holders, carry bag & repair kit. Standard Features: NMMA Certified Patented Folding Frame, 2 super strong oarlocks, Extra long 8ft rowing oars, Built-in motormount for gas or electric motors, Nylon hull carry bag, Four air chambers, Repair kit, and a Unique Folding Frame Exclusive! Most pontoon boats have a huge metal frame with tons of parts.

The Foldcat features a unique patented Folding Frame design that assembles in 5 minutes. The FoldCat has a full floor so you have far more useable space than ordinary pontoon fishing boats - and it's a safety that catches gear you may drop. This allows you to carry more fishing tackle and supplies than ordinary pontoon boats.

Two Large Inflatable Pontoons: The FoldCat Features super-bouyant 16" pontoons spaced widely apart. The 4'6" beam gives the boat incredible stability as pared to a hard hull boat.Motormount takes up to 3hp: Motoring -

The FoldCat is a very light boat with very little drag and motors very well with an electric outboard. With a 3hp gas engine the FoldCat rips along at 8 knots fast enough to make headway against tides or headwinds. Two 360 degree swivel seats Plenty of back support and generous cushions put you in the lap of luxury on every fishing excursion. Instant snapon/ snap-off without tools.

Up to 4 Rod Holders These top-quality rod holders mount into pre-drilled holes on two benches. Each rod holder accepts all rods lock-in ring holds rod safe and secure rotates 360 degrees.Two Carry Bags2 Carry Bags Your FoldCat packs tightly and carries neatly in our 2 durable nylon carry bags (hull bag included). They fit easily in a full-size car trunk.

Rated by the North American Fishing Club Rated 9.7 out of 10 by the North American Fishing Club! The North American Fishing Club America's oldest fishing

  • Brand: Sea Eagle
  • Model: 440FC-DLX
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 11.00" h x 17.00" w x 73.00" l, 165.00 pounds

  • FoldCat pontoon-style fishing boat with folding frame
  • 3 swivel seats
  • 3 quick-release swivel seat mounts
  • AB20 oar/paddle combo set
  • Foot pump

List Price: $2,638.99
Price: $2,198.95

Availability: Usually ships in 4-5 business days

Link: Sea Eagle 440fc FoldCat 14ft 3 Inflatable Pontoon Boat Includes Oars
From Sea Eagle


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Joan Pineda said...

Perfect for fishing activity and bonding with families and friends. A good investment for recreational purposes although it is high maintenance but fulfilling on our part.

Joan @ gun lake boat winterization

Ethan Smith said...

Here you can sell and buy both new and used products.
Free classified sites are perfect for selling just about anything at all.
More at

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