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Sunday, July 15, 2012

New Zebco 33 Spincast Fishing Reel For Sale!

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Zebco 33 Spincast Fishing Reel
For Sale!

The Zebco 33 Spincast Fishing Reel is the reel I was using when I caught my first Big Bass (6.5lbs), so I can vouch for it's toughness, durability, and Ease of use.

It was Springtime in Texas.
And I was throwing a little Heddon Super Sonic towards a little patch of open water in an otherwise mossy lake. Well, as anyone who's ever used one of these little jewels can tell you, the Zebco 33 Spincast Fishing Reel will cast even the smallest of lures, for miles. And as luck would have it, I had to make just such as cast to reach that clear spot in the water. So I rared back and cast my lure at the distant water when suddenly, the wind caught my lure and hurled it over into a Huge moss bed.

Slightly Agitated, because I had missed my mark, and knowing that I would otherwise be reeling in 20lbs of moss. I yanked the line as if I were setting the hook into a big ole Bass - trying to jerk my lure clear of the moss bed - when, it Yanked Back!

The Fight was On! The monstrous behemoth blew up on the surface slinging it's head side to side trying to free itself from the "well set" lure and then dove back down into the moss bed which, was 30 yards from the boat in which, all I had was a paddle. The battle lasted for more than an hour. Well, more than 10min anyway. Luckily, I didn't have to worry about the moss as he was tearing it up. Eventually I got him close enough to the boat to where I could net him up. A 6 1/2 lb MONSTER Black BASS!!!

Four more monster Bass I caught that day ranging from 3-5lbs and I caught them all, on a Zebco 33.

I HIGHLY Recommend this reel for beginners and Pros alike. And yes, this is the reel that is Made in America by the Zero Hour Bomb Company. Get yours Today!!!

List Price: $29.99
Price: $16.96

Link: Zebco 33 Authentic Spincast Fishing Reel
From Zebco



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