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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fishing Tackle, Rods and Reels, Over 200 lures For Sale!

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Listing News: Found;

Collection of Fishing Tackle, Rods and Reels,
Over 200 Fishing Lures
For Sale on craigslist!

I found this Huge (well, Large) collection of Fishing Tackle, Rods and Reels, and over 200 Fishing Lures for sale on craigslist, and thought maybe somebody might like to check it out. It's quite impressive! In deed it is enough fishing gear to equip a family of six, or even begin a career fishing Tournaments. (Minus the boat, of course.) Seller doesn't mention anything about "shipping", so you will have to ask. But the price seems Very Reasonable.

Seller's Description
I am selling my fishing gear. There are over 200 lures (hardbaits--crankbaits, top waters, jerk baits,) in plastic containers as well as a tournament bag and huge plano tackle box that is ALSO loaded with lures, including 35 LARGE SPINNERBAITS .

IN ADDITION, I am selling six high quality rods and reels (three baitcasting, and three spinning) that are in as new condition. The brands include Team Daiwa (reel was $250 new), Falcon, Shimano, Browning, etc. The rods were between $100-150 new.

There is simply too much to list. I wouldn't want to have to go buy all of this stuff new. Don't miss this opporutnity to be set for life as this is a steal. I am looking for $750 cash, but may take trades for high quality hunting items. You can reach me by email or call or text 405-694-xxxx.

Listing Details
Listing Location: springfield craigslist
Item Location: Ozark, MO

Listing Link: Fishing Gear, Tournament Rods and reels, Over 200 lures! - $750 (Ozark, MO)


Note: Big Bass Classifieds is not in any way associated or affiliated with this seller. Meaning, I do not know the seller, and neither am I getting paid to advertise this listing. So, you know, Buyer Beware! And Good Fishing!



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