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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

JABO-2B Remote Control Fishing Boat with bait casting

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Remote Control Fishing Boat

bait casting / fish finder / protablt fish finder
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Never before have anglers been supported by so much High-Tech as with our new Bait Boat Sonar! The new One Hand Transmitter which comes with the model means that you can accurately steer the boat to exactly where you want it before you unload the ground bait or your terminal tackle by deploying the tipping loading bay. The large clear display constantly keeps you up to date with all of the information which you need around the area of the boat such as the water depth, amount of fish in the area, the water temperature and the battery power of both the boat and the transmitter. Find the spots where the real (big) fish are and place your tackle where you cant cast too to get the catch of the day. The boat is powered by 2 jet motors especially designed to prevent weeds clogging them and it is fitted with position lights to draw the fishs attention.

Product Name: R/C Bait Boat with Fish Finder
Certificate: CE/Rosh/ISO9001
Product Spec: Bait Boat: Dimension: 600x240x155(mm) Total Weight: 5.25KG (Battery Included) Color: Black or recommend by client Control Range: 300m Bait Capacity: 2000g Drive Speed: 2m/s; 7km/h Tansmitter Screen:3.5 display Battery: 6V (4pc battery)Display: fish position,water temperature, power storage Control: bait and hook drop;boat driving and fish detect Battery of Boat: Battery: Lead Acid Battery Rechargable;6V/10Ah; (6v/12Ah optional) Battery Working Time: 3h (6v/10A); 3.5h (6v/12A) Operate Fucntion:Drive: Go Straight; Turn right and left; Dropping Bait and Hooks Fish Finder: Detect and display where fish are when boat driving; Water temperature and depeth display; Supersonic detector: Install supersonic detector in the bottom of boat Tempting Fish Light: focus white light to attract fish nearby Indicator Navigation Light: 3 indicator LED direct for night fishing Package: 1) Boat pakcage: color box(690x290x220mm) 2) Item weight: 6.5kg 3) Shipment Package: 4-8 days

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Jabo-2b
  • Model: 2b

  • Dimension: 600x240x155(mm)
  • Total Weight: 5.25KG (Battery Included)
  • Color: Black or recommend by client
  • Control Range: 300m
  • Drive Speed: 2m/s; 7km/h

Link: JABO-2B Remote Control fishing boat with bait casting / fish finder / protablt fish finder
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