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Monday, April 4, 2011

2011 Texas State Bass Tournament Toledo Bend Reservoir

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Tournament Report;

56th Annual
Texas State Bass Tournament
April 9 - 10, 2011 (Sat. - Sun.)
Fin and Feather Resort
on Toledo Bend Reservoir.

Texas State Bass Tournament

The year was 1955. Earl Golding, Outdoors Editor for the Waco Tribune-Herald, organized the very first bass fishing tournament; the Texas State Bass Tournament. No big prizes were offered, just the honor of being recognized as one of the State's top anglers, plus the opportunity to see and make friends from all parts of the Great State of Texas. Part competition, part reunion, this event offers various competitive divisions that encourage family and youth participation. Participants range from anglers attending their first bass tournament to seasoned veterans. For many, if they only attend one tournament event a year, this is the one!

2010 Tournament Champions
Team Division: Barry Stegall (Portland, TX) & Roy Grammer (Longview, TX)
Individual Division: Jim Poole (San Antonio, TX)
Couples Division: Bill Wilcox (Burleson, TX) & Barbara Potts (Fort Worth, TX)
Senior Team Division: Jim McDonald (Hemphill, TX) & Charles "Stan" Verret (Hemphill, TX)
Adult/Boy Division: William Muncrief (Brookeland, TX) & Hunter Muncrief (Brookeland, TX)
Adult/Girl Division: Phil Marks (Dallas, TX, TX) & Payton Marks (Joshua, TX)

Toledo Bend Fishing Report
as of Mar 30, 2011

Water stained; 62 – 66 degrees; 7.48’ low. Black bass are excellent on 1/8oz. Texas rigged watermelon red and green pumpkin flukes, and blue/chrome/orange Rogues.
Good Luck Anglers!




2011 Tournament Champions
  • Team Division: John Barns (Dallas, TX) & William Barns (Dallas, TX)
  • Individual Division: Jim Moroski (Hemphill, TX)
  • Couples Division: Mike Murski (Dallas, TX) & Jackie Serbus (Bedford, TX)
  • Senior Team Division: William Polster (Riesel, TX) & Anna Polster (Riesel, TX)
  • Adult/Boy Division: William Muncrief (Pineland, TX) & Hunter Muncrief (Pineland, TX)
  • Adult/Girl Division: Ed Klobas (Arlington, TX) & Sarah Klobas (Arlington, TX)

Congratulations One and All.



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