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Friday, March 21, 2008

Big Bass Classifieds- Coming SOON!!!

Welcome to
Big Bass

Well, we're not quite here yet.
But we're coming to a computer near you.

And while I'm not quite sure what all we're going to offer,
you can bet it's going to be EVERYTHING!!!

Classifieds! Free Classifieds!!! Buy Sell, Trade, or Barter your fishing tackle, boats, trailers, blah blah blah, blah blah blah, ABSOLUTELY FREE!!! But There's MORE!

A whole List of listings of Big Bass Fishing Tackle and supplies For Sale, Trade, Auction or Barter, all over the internet.

But again, That's Not All!
Big Bass Fishing Tips, Techniques, Tutorials, Videos, and STORIES!!!

Even YOUR Big Bass Story, or Tip, as we intend to set up a method by which You will be able to "Post Your Story", just as if this were Your own blog. (Absolutely FREE, of course!)

OR, if you have your own blog, you will be able to "Post Your Link" with a description of your blog.

But Again There's MORE!!!

Do you have a Tackle Shop? Bait Shop? Marina? or Boat Shop?
Write FULL PAGE ADS and use our blog to promote your store. (We will of course, appreciate a link back to our site.)



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