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Friday, March 28, 2008

Basstrix Paddle Tail -Dont Sign on Me!

Big Bass Classifieds:

Basstrix Paddle Tail -Don't Sign on Me!

A friend of mine came to the house one night,
all excited about -what else-, a NEW Miracle lure.

"This Lure", he said. "Will catch Anything."

Yeah, Right! I've heard that story before.

"No, it's True", he said. "It's called the Basstrix Paddle Tail Tube Swimbait. But I can't find them anywhere."

So, as Big Bass Classifieds is all about finding and listing those "hard to find" lures, I set out to go fishing "For" the Basstrix Paddle Tail Tube Swimbait.

Naturally the first place one might check is Ebay which, I already have and posted the results of that search "HERE". But it was after ebay, that I made my Biggest catch.

Continuing the search,
I found a "Sign" (a search engine link), which simply read;

"Basstrix Paddle Tails
***ARE HERE!!!!!!!!"

Ok, "Great!" I thought. But upon clicking the link, this is what I found;

Precision Tackle!
Not a bad looking little place for a tackle shop. Though maybe "somewhat" obscure as there is a set-back from the main road. But not to worry as the owner, "Dave Davidson", would simply place a sign out by the roadway.

Well, needless to say, WAR was declared, and the county told Mr. Davidson that his sign had to go. So, Precision Tackle now has a New Sign...


Who's right and who's wrong in this matter? I don't know.
All I can tell you is that the sign (link) I saw at on the Search Engine read;

"Basstrix Paddle Tails ***ARE HERE!!!!!!!!"

So if you would like to visit the Precision Tackle website, "Click Here"!

Or, if you would like to read the Full Story behind the "Don't Sign on Me" fiasco, "Click Here"!

But if you're simply looking for the Basstrix Paddle Tail Tube Swimbait, then you will have to "Call" -(yes that's right. via Telephone)- as the Precision Tackle website is lacking a shopping cart.

The Precision Tackle store is located at;
3284 Commercial Way (US 19)
Spring Hill, FL 34606
(across from Flammer Ford in the WellCare Plaza)
Phone: 352-686-9520


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