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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Bass Fishing Tackle Auction- Huge Lot! 6days left!

Big Bass Classifieds: Discovered for *auction on Ebay-

HUGE LOT of Big Bass FISHING GEAR, 250+items, rods, reels, tackle
Crankbaits, Spinner Baits, Jerk Baits, TopWaters, More!!

Seller's Description:

Up for bid is a lot of great fishing gear.

This lot includes rods, reels, crank baits, jerk baits, spinner baits, buzz baits, top waters, jigs, weights, worms, hooks and many other fishing necessities.

The reason I am selling all this stuff is because I used to fish in a lot of tournaments. I had a bass boat. Just sold it. I just don’t have the time to fish like I used to. But over the past couple of years I surly have collected an immense amount of fishing stuff. I just don’t see the point in keeping all of this when I am not going to be fishing very much.

When I went through my fishing tackle to list on e bay I only selected the stuff that I thought was worth selling. In other words I threw out the junk that no body would want or that was to wore out to sell.

Most of this stuff is in great shape. Some of it is brand new. Although it is not in the box, some of this stuff has never been used. Some of the stuff has been used well, but still has a lot of life in it.

Out beside everything I listed is the price that Bass Pro shops has on that particular item. The total comes to approx. $2176.

Below is an itemized list of gear. Bass Pro prices

8 Fishing rods. Which include:

1 Bass Pro Crankin Stick 7’ Med. Action $60

1 Bass Pro Crankin Stick 7’ Med. Hvy action $60

1 Bass Pro Extreme 6’6” Med. Hvy. $60

1 Quantum Torsion IM6 6’6” $20

1 Bass Pro Extreme 6’ Med. Hvy. $60

1 Bass Pro Extreme 6’6” Med. $60

1 Bass Pro Extreme 6’6” Med. $60

1 Johnny Morris Signature Series Spinning Rod 6’6” Med. Hvy $100

Over all these rods are in good shape. Just normal wear and tear. The Bass Pro Crankin Sticks are less than a year old. The Bass Pro Extremes vary between 2 and 3 years old.

8 Fishing reels

1 Bass Pro Extreme 6.3: 1 Gear Ratio $80

1 Bass Pro Extreme 6.3:1 Gear Ratio $80

1 Bass Pro Extreme 5.2:1 Gear Ratio $80

1 Johnny Morris JMX 1000H 6.3:1 Gear Ratio $129

1 Bass Pro Extreme 5.2:1 Gear Ratio $80

1 Johnny Morris Spinning Reel $80

1 Pflueger Reel $80

1 Zebco 33 $13

These reels look a little rough in the pictures but it is just the paint wore off in a few spots. They all are in perfect working order. The drags work good, reels smooth, and should have plenty of life in them. The Pfluger is the only one that is in less than good shape. But it also works good. I used it for my Carolina rig reel.

51 Crank Baits

14 Excalibur Fat Free Shad $70

6 Mann’s Crank baits $24

11 Rapalas $77

15 Bandits $75

2 Bass Masters $8

2 Soft Crank baits $8

Most of these crank baits have never been used. For some reason I liked collecting them, but didn’t like fishing with them. There are 2-4 divers, 4-6, 6-8, 10-12. I would say there is an equal amount of each of those. Also there is a couple of Manns 20+ divers. I would say 40 of them have never been in the water.

15 Jerk Baits

3 Yozuri’s $21

2 Smithwick’s $8

1 Bass Master $4

1 Rapala $7

7 Strike Kings $35

Again, I liked collecting these things, but never used them. Most of them have never been in the water.

22 Spinner Baits

13 Terminator T1’s $91

4 Strike Kings $16

2 Hawg Callers $ 6

3 Bass Pros $8

The spinner baits are all in great shape. There are some new and never been used. I would say half of them have been used. And the ones that have been used are in great shape. Only a couple have bad blades or missing skirt. There are various sizes to these. ¼ oz, 3/8 oz, ½ oz.

13 Buzz Baits

4 Brand New in Box Buzz B-2’s (double bladed buzz bait) $28

1 Brand New in Box Booya Counter Strike $8

1 Brand New in Box Buzz King Jr. $3

4 Buzz B-2’s (double bladed buzz bait) $28

3 Buzz King Jr. $6

There is 6 Brand new in the box buzz baits. All the other’s have been used. A couple of them have a little more wear and tear than the others. But are still in good working condition.

17 Top Water Baits

4 Excalibur Spitin Image $20

4 Excalibur Pop N Image $20

1 Zara Spook $5

2 Devil Horses $9

1 Jitter Bug 4

3 Rebel Pop R’s $14

2 Bassmaster Samis $6

Everyone of these baits have been used. But all are in still good fishing condition. A couple of them might need new hooks.

9 Jigs

4 Brand New in Box Kevin V. Damn Swimming Jigs $14

3 Brand New in Box Strike King Pro mode Jig $11

2 Like new Jigs $6

50 Packs of Worms, Lizards, Speed Crawls and Creature baits

36 Packs of Zoom Worms, Lizards and Speed Craws $90

2 Packs of Mann’s Hard Nose Lizards $8

2 Packs of Gary Yamamoto’s $8

4 Packs of Calcutta Swim Shad $12

1 Pack of Wave Worms $3

1 Pack of Gene LaRew $3

4 Packs of Bass Pro Stick Worms $12

There are a lot of various colors. Mostly Green pumpkin, Watermelon Seed, Red Water Melon Seed, June Bug, Red Shad. Some of the packs are double packed.

Miscellaneous fishing equipment and accessories

25 Pieces of Tungsten weights $63

1 box of lead weights of all shapes and sizes $100

1 Lindy No Snagg Carolina Rig System $22

1 Berkley Portable line spooling system $25

8 packs of Gamakatsu hooks $24

1 box of various size hooks $25

4 Plastic Tackle Containers $6

1 Pair of Rapalla Forceps $8

1 Culling System $13

1 Brand New Never Been used Bass Pro weigh bag $17

1 Gator Grip Golden Rule Tournament Board $10

5 Rattle Traps (Brand new in box) $20

And Several Glass beads, Glass rattles, swivels and Carolina Keepers $20

All this stuff added up to approx. $2176!!!

If you have any questions please don’t be afraid to ask.

Bid with confidence knowing that you will be getting good quality stuff.

Good luck to anyone who may bid on this lot of fishing gear.

Shipping is a bit expensive due to the overall weight of all the tackle. Also shipping cost more for the long boxes the rods will be shipped in.

I am going to charge a flat rate of $125 for shipping. Any thing over that i will cover.

Auction Specifics:
This item was just "recently" listed for auction on ebay . With 6 days and 3hours left, (as of the time of this post), there has already 6 bids, with a Current High bid of US $177.50.

"Click Here" to go to seller's Ebay page for more info and Pics.

Note: Big Bass Classifieds is Not in any way associated, nor affiliated with the seller, nor with Ebay. We receive no payments or commissions for the display or sale of this (or these) items as they are displayed here simply as News. so Enjoy! Nevertheless, and consequently. It is up to you - should you wish to purchase this equipment - to investigate through Due Diligence to assure/insure yourself of both the seller's, and product's integrity.

Thank You, for shopping Big Bass Classifieds!
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