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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Boat Trailer For Sale! Comes with Free Boat!

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Boat Trailer For Sale!
Comes with Free Boat!
Today Only!!!
Saturday 6-02-2012

When I saw this Ad on craigslist, I knew I had to tell you about it.
The funny part is... That the seller, has the boat all covered up so that all you can see in the picture, is the trailer.

Note: Big Bass Classifieds is NOT in any way associated or affiliated with the seller. So, you know, Buyer Beware!!!

The AD simply reads;
"Trailer comes with free boat(Today Only)!!! - $300".

Seller's Description
The boat is 17' so thats what the trailer can hold.
Boat is an 86 Bayliner Capri open nose inboard 305 chevy hole in the block outdrive is missing and needs interior redone.
No title can get homemade for trailer.
Also have a rebuilt short block for $680.00 fresh from the machine shop.

Listing Details
Listing Location:
dallas craigslist
Item Location: Frisco, Texas

Craigslist AD Link: Trailer comes with free boat(Today Only)!!! - $300 (Frisco)



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