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Monday, June 11, 2012

36' Gibson Houseboat For Sale on craigslist

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36' Gibson Houseboat
For Sale on craigslist

Yeah, it may a little Large for a Bass Fishing boat. But when I found this 36' Gibson Houseboat For Sale on craigslist, all I could think of was, "WOW!!! That would be So Cool!

If I read the AD right, it's a 1973 model Gibson with 225 horsepower Chrysler inboard/outboard engine that was rebuilt in 1999, and Onan generator.

But whatever it is, it sure does look pretty sittin on the water.

Keep in mind however that Big Bass Classifieds is in no way associated or affiliated with the seller and will receive no compensation of any kind in the event of it's sale. Fact is, I just posted the news of it's listing here, for no other reason than because, "I Like It"!

So, you know, having said that. Exercise your own Due Diligence should you decide to buy this boat. Other than that, your comments are welcome!

Seller's Description
This 36' Gibson Houseboat--pictured at Belle Star Marina (always has been covered by dock) in Lake Eufala in Southeast Oklahoma (a few hours drive north of DFW), its current home--may be from 1973, but it's engine is still young at heart.

It has a 225 horsepower Chrysler inboard/outboard engine (rebuilt in 1999) and Onan generator. Less than 200 hours on the motor. Cruising speed 10mph. Weight approx 8 tons. Wake is approx 27".

Inside, the comfortable, functional interior has a propane stove and oven, as well as a microwave, fridge, hot water, shower and toilet. Generous sleeping quarters for 4-6 adults/children. Sizable fishing and swimming decks. Rooftop sunbathing deck.

$24,000 (neg). See to believe.

Listing Details

Listing Link: 36 Ft GIBSON HOUSEBOAT - $24000 (SE Oklahoma)

Update: This Listing has been Removed from craigslist. But don't worry, so much interest was generated by this post, that you can count on us to find another Big Bass Houseboat. So Stay Tuned!



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