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Saturday, June 2, 2012

About Lake Fork Classic Bass Fishing Tournament

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"Lake Fork Classic"
Bass Fishing Tournament

The Lake Fork Classic bass fishing tournament is an event that is devoted to raising money for our good friends at Camp John Marc. We are an ever expanding tournament that was founded out of our love of fishing and benefiting others.

It all started back in 2002 as four poor college kids that didn't have anything better to do than to head to Lake Fork for a weekend of bass fishing during the spawn of early spring. We had very limited budgets so every year when we were off for Spring Break we headed to the piney woods of East Texas. Little did we know, that this little fishing trip would turn into the Lake Fork Classic.

The founders of the tournament are Brady Beal, Jeremy King, John Self & Bailey Beal.

Since 2002 we have grown from 4 participants to over a 100 and look forward to much more growth. We are also proud to announce that with this tremendous growth, we will be raising money each year for Camp John Marc.

The Lake Fork Classic has always been directed at the amateur weekend fisherman. It is a one day BIG BASS fishing tournament at Lake Fork in East Texas. This is an individual BIG BASS bonanza type tournament where you can win the whole thing with only one fish caught. Due to the colorful crew we have attracted to the tournament we have also been known as the "Flat-bottom Classic". No matter if you fish once a year on an innertube or if you fish once a week on a $50k bass boat, know that you are always welcome at the Lake Fork Classic.

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