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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Girls Gone Fishing!

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Girls Gone Fishing!
Terri Mackinnon and Cindy Burnham follow the Professional Bass Fishing Circuit.

Canadian female anglers Terri Mackinnon and Cindy Burnham made their journey to Chesapeake Bay, Maryland in October 2007, to compete as the first Female Pro Team to make the U.S Angler Choice Classic and the bragging rights to also represent Canada.

...The two women decided to try the Team concept and signed up to spend the year fishing the U.S Anglers Choice series on Lake Erie. They successfully took the top 3 position in there division with an impressive 700+ point season. Both women were excited to represent not only Canada, but women in general when they fished against some of the best bass angler pairs teams in the U.S.

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This is a video that I believe was produced by some of Terri Mackinnon's "WomenFishing" girl friends. It's actually a slide show of events and Yep, there's even a picture of Terri Mackinnon.


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