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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Fishing Tackle Store Closeout on craigslist

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Listing News: Found,

Fishing Tackle Store Closeout
on craigslist.

Seller says; "I closed my tackle shop". And now he/her/?, needs to sell their entire inventory so they lease the building. Which means, this is an inventory only sale. Unfortunately, the seller did not post any pictures on their craigslist Ad. So you will have to email the seller through craigslist to get some. Note: I do not know anything about the seller or his/her store, so Buyer Beware.

Here is the...

Seller's Description
I closed my tackle shop in I need this inventory out of the building. I am taking a big loss at this price, but i need it gone.This is an all or nothing package. Great to start up your business or for other large tackle dealers out there, a chance to get boat loads of stuff well below cost. I have just over $40,000 (retail) worth of tackle on my walls including soft plastics, hard plastics, spinners, rods, reels, fly equipment, maps and more!

Lake Fork Tackle
Gene Larew
Abu Garcia
All Star
Team Catfish
Reaction Innovations
Big Bite
Rooster Tail
Panther Martin

and much more

Have this listed as a full lot, it all goes at once or none at all. asking $14,000 and I am firm on this price. I am NOT interested in piecing this out. I can piece it out and actually make money. Need this inventory out in order to lease out the building. If you are interested in looking at this inventory reply to this ad and we will get something worked out. There are over 7000 items.

Listing Details
Listing Location: dallas craigslist
Item Location: Central Texas

Listing Link: Fishing Tackle Closeout - $14000 (Central Texas)

Update: This Listing has Expired on craigslist.



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