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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Atari Pro Bass Fishing Game for Sale!

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Atari Pro Bass Fishing Game

Editorial Review: Practice Big bass Fishing right in your own home with this 2003 Atari Pro Bass Fishing Game. Sharpen you skills and wit trying figure out just what these Big bass are feeding on, and just where they want it placed.

Customer Review:
I really like the Bass Fishing 2003 CD. I set up my fishing spot, my lure, fishing rod and line, and my lure. It is fun to figure out what the fish are biting on. I really like the 3D view from under the water. You can see the vegetation, the logs, wood, and other obstacles, plus you can see some fish, either behind your lure or in front of your lure. You just don't know where the fish will be coming from. In some cases, the fish actually takes the whole picture screen and gives you a rush to see if he takes your bait. I have a fishing CD that is just the opposite. You can see the top of the water and the fish while they are surfaced. It doesn't have the depth the Bass Fishing CD has. Try it, you'll love it. But be patient, a lot of the fish are large in weight and you have to bring them in very carefully. That's the challenge!

Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #16415 in Computer & Video Games
  • Brand: Atari
  • Released on: 2004-03-23
  • ESRB Rating: Everyone
  • Platforms: Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows XP


  • Fish at real bass locations including Toledo Bend, Dale Hollow and Mille Lacs
  • Catch over 20 different species including Catfish, Northern Pike/Muskie, and Walleye
  • Pursue a career path through tournament play
  • Customize your own tackle, rod, and reel set-up
  • For 1 player, or online multiplayer play with LAN or through GameSpy Arcade

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