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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Shallow Crankbait Red Belly Shad Fishing lures for sale

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Shallow Crankbait Red Belly Shad Fishing lures for sale

JLVLures Shallow Crankbait Red Belly Shad : Diver Lures JLV Freshwater Smallmouth Steelhead Pike Salmon Trout Perch Whiper Mid Depth Walleye Casting Bass Hook Treble Red Boat Dock Brook Bay Fatty Stump River Trolling Weed Surface Topwater Shad
From JLVLures

Product Description

JLVLures Fatty Red Belly Shad 7.5 CM 3, 11.8G 2/5 oz JFS107R, Size 6 Heavy Duty 4X 9626 VMC Red Treble Hooks. These lures are one of the most versatile lure bodies made. They are designed for trolling and casting- deadly on Salmon, Steelhead, Trout, Bass, Walleye, ... They are priced right with excellent name quality hooks, and paint finishes that rock! I know you will be impressed with these hot lures, and you will be back for more. These are similar to many of the other type lures with this body profile type bait. The pictures don't do these lures justice. WITH RATTLES! Welded two part construction, no glued in lip here. Will offer volume discounts, can mix n match. Drop me an email lets chat.

Product Details

* Amazon Sales Rank: #28162 in Sports & Outdoors
* Brand: JLVLures
* Model: Red Belly Shad


* 4X 9626 VMC Red Size 6 Hooks
* High Quality Awesome Price
* Professional Paint Schemes
* Satisfied Customers
* Stainless Steel Hardware

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