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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Uncle Josh Catfish Bait Mr. Catfish Doughball Cheese

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Uncle Josh Doughball Catfish & Carp Baits Mr. Catfish Doughball Cheese (#61) From Uncle Josh

Ok, so it's ain't Bass Fishing! But it's a hell of a lotta FUN!!!


We offer three flavors of popular Uncle Josh Catfish and Carp baits: Mr. Catfish Doughball Cheese Blood (51) - A combination of natural cheese real blood and scent oils yield a strong fish-attracting scent. Mr. Catfish Doughball Cheese (61) - Natural cheese and scent oils are blended in this dough bait to produce a flavor fish just cant resist! Orange Sweet Doughball Carp (81) - This is a brilliant orange doughball bait with an irresistibly sweet taste. Its a sweet taste carp cant resist!

Product Details

* Amazon Sales Rank: #40290 in Sports & Outdoors


* The Catfish baits come in an 11 ounce plastic container.
* The Carp bait comes in a 10 ounce container.

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