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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Bill Norman Lures Deep Little n For Sale!

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Norman Lures Professional Edge Deep Little "N" From Norman Lures


The Deep Little "N" from Norman Lures is THE must have Crankbait. Each Lure is made in the USA of the finest materials,individualy painted to perfection and finished with our unique Sunshine Gelcoat process . Add in the premium treble hooks we put on all our Professioinal Edge lures and you have a tourney tested lure that will put winning fish in your boat! The Deep Little N is 3/8oz, 2 1/2" long and runs 12-14ft on 10 lb test.

Product Details

* Amazon Sales Rank: #4661 in Sports & Outdoors
* Brand: Norman Lures


* Perfet Depth
* Premium Hooks
* Made in USA
* Dives 12-14 Feet Deep

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