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Monday, August 13, 2012

Mobile Bait and Tackle Shop For Sale!

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Mobile Bait and Tackle Shop For Sale!

Now this is Really COOL!!!
A Mobile Bait and Tackle Shop.

You know, I know of a certain lake, that has a certain bridge, that jets out half way across the lake, and then dead ends. Trick is, I'm not the only one who knows of this bridge. Which is not even a bridge, anymore. But a pier used by 100's of fishermen each and every weekend. Not to mention a few dozen that fish there all week long.

Problem is, you have to travel 20 miles to the nearest bait and tackle shop. Which is really nothing more than a convenient store that just happens to sell minnows, worms, and a Very limited amount of tackle.

So I was just thinking... hmmm?
A Mobile Bait and Tackle Shop. YEAH!!!

But there's another problem.
The Dad-Gum thing has already been sold. Not to worry however, as the seller said he building another. So, I'm posting his AD here as a reference while I try to contact him through the forum in which I found his post. You'll find a link to his forum post at the bottom of this page. In the meantime, here is the...

Seller's Description (Partial)
Accepting offers. Located in Souteastern Wisconsin. Is a solid trailer. Stays warm in winter with built in propane furnace. Take it out on the ice for the winter. Or park it near a busy fishing area in the summer.

Trailer measures 16x6 inside. Has an open floor plan. 3x3 closet built in for utilities, storage, etc.
Ceiling height is 6'4" at entry then gradually raised to 7' at the front.
New trailer lights. Fresh paint in and out. 3 new sliding windows. Fresh roof sealant. Absolutely no leaks.

120v power can be plugged in to the 35amp fuse box. I use a 12v power inverter and two marine batteries to power the trailer when their is no where to plug in. Lasts for 24 hours that way. Trailer has 10 120v outlets throughout. 2 florescent light fixtures.

Equipment includes 2 minnow tanks with aerators and filters. 3 Worm Bins. Live Bait Packaging containers. Small cabinet. Several plastic milk containers. Pegboard displays. Many boxes of Shimano Displays and Power Line Displays still new in box. 5 yard sale type signs for advertising. 2 marine batteries. 1 350w power inverter. Couple of metal shelving units. Stair case. Various plastic totes with lids. About 40 styrofoam worm containers that are meant to be reusable. Kind of like the frabill worm buddies, but my own brand. Worm bedding. Wood chips. Peat moss.

Everything you will need to start selling bait and tackle today. Including my supply of live bait. European Nightcrawlers, Alabama Jumpers and African Nightcrawlers. Fathead minnows. Giant Meal Worms. Wax Worms. Worms are valued at approximately $400 Retail.

Inventory merchandise (Tackle) is valued at $1,172 retail. Inventory list at the bottom of this page.

Listing Details
Listing Location:
Listing Link: Mobile Bait & Tackle Shop for sale

Note: Will Update as soon as I find out if the next one is ready.



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