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Friday, August 28, 2009

Lake Bob Sandlin RV Lot - For Sale!

Big Bass Classifieds:

Found Nice Rv lot on Lake Bob Sandlin for sale.

Personally, I Love Lake Bob Sandlin.
Especially being right next door to Lake Monticello.

But at any rate. When I found this listing on craigslist, and saw the pictures. I thought, "Wow, sure would be nice". Unfortunately I can't afford it, so here I am blogging about the listing.

Seller's Description:

Nice Rv lot on Lake Bob Sandlin by Pittsburg Texas.
50x90 with raised RV pad
-500 gallon inground holding tank
-electrical box with 110 and 30amp
-wateroutlet {water is free to all property owners}
blacktop roads-gatted community.
Nice community park on water with concrete warf-80' fishing peir-nice concrete ramp-community provillion with hugh barbecue pit-hot & cold water bath house-free washeteria. area is Hidden Village by Whispering hill off Hwy 21.

Hidden Village is on Camp Branch Cove just south of 21 bridge. Hidden Village also has 13 acres of designated wooded ATV trails ~kids love it. 8 miles to Pittsburg and 2 miles to Blodgett community. POA dues~~250.00 year and taxes were 193.00 this year based on assessed value of 10,000.00 ~~taxes can be adjusted based on sales price, I had it done on my home. all paid up this year.

I built a new home 1 mile away from the lot and sold my Motorhome so I don't need the lot anymore. I will take 6250.00~~the 2 lots on either side of mine are also for sale by different owners at good prices~~one is bare and the other has a holding tank~~in case you want more land. You are allowed to build permanent structures with no minimum sq. footage. $6250.00 lot comes with Warranty Deed and has no mortgages. James at 903-855-xxxx

Listing Details:

Listing Location: dallas craigslist

Listing Link: RV or Campsite lake lot - $6250 (Lake Bob Sandlin~North East Texas)
Seller's Phone posted on listing, along with more pics.

UPDATE: This Listing has Expired on craigslist.



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