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Saturday, December 22, 2012

1993 Ranger 482V Comanche Bass Boat at Auction!

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Auction News:

1993 Ranger 482V Comanche
175 HP Johnson Faststrike
Dual Console Bass Boat w/
4600Lb Dual Axle RangerTrail Boat Trailer w/spare
at Auction on eBay!

1993 Ranger 482V Comanche Dual Console Bass Boat
1993 Ranger 482V Comanche
Dual Console Bass Boat

Ok all my fellow Big Bass fishermen.
This week I found at auction, a 1993 Ranger 482V Comanche Dual Console Bass Boat with a 175 HP Johnson Faststrike and a 4600Lb Dual Axle RangerTrail Boat Trailer with Goodyear Tires, matching spare and a whole bunch of Extras!

Including, a factory insert that converts the standard 3/4 front deck, into a Full Deck for Maximum Storage, and a fishing experience that is next to none!
1993 Ranger 482V Comanche Bass Boat

This is a 7 day auction with only 6 Days left and the seller has posted a butt load of pictures on ebay (more than what I could post here), and has even posted a slide show video on youtube (which I was able to post here), so you should be able to get a good idea of exactly what the seller has to offer. However, and nonetheless. The seller has also posted a rather Extensive Description of the boat, and of it's condition, so that I'm sure the seller would be happy to answer any questions.

Ranger 482V Comanche Bass Boat
Also, seller has posted a "Buy it Now" price of $12,500 so yeah, it's a real bargain. However, if you want to Steal this boat. Seller has also posted a $10,500 Starting bid so, you know, if no one bids against you, then you can take it home with a smile. :)
Ranger Bass Boat

Here is the...

Auction Details (at the time of this post)

Auction Site: eBay
Auction Ends: Dec 28, 2012 - 13:34:30 PST (6 Days 5 Hours)
Seller: hydrosite
Item number: 181049061836
Item Location: Midlothian, Texas, United States

Buy It Now Price: US $12,500.00
Starting Bid: $10,500

Bids: 0 (Newly Listed)
Page Views: 311 (Note: having only been listed for a few hours, 311 pageviews would indicate a Very High Interest in this item.)

Auction Link: 1993 RANGER 482V Comanche 18ft Dual Console Bass Boat RangerTrail


Monday, August 13, 2012

Mobile Bait and Tackle Shop For Sale!

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Mobile Bait and Tackle Shop For Sale!

Now this is Really COOL!!!
A Mobile Bait and Tackle Shop.

You know, I know of a certain lake, that has a certain bridge, that jets out half way across the lake, and then dead ends. Trick is, I'm not the only one who knows of this bridge. Which is not even a bridge, anymore. But a pier used by 100's of fishermen each and every weekend. Not to mention a few dozen that fish there all week long.

Problem is, you have to travel 20 miles to the nearest bait and tackle shop. Which is really nothing more than a convenient store that just happens to sell minnows, worms, and a Very limited amount of tackle.

So I was just thinking... hmmm?
A Mobile Bait and Tackle Shop. YEAH!!!

But there's another problem.
The Dad-Gum thing has already been sold. Not to worry however, as the seller said he building another. So, I'm posting his AD here as a reference while I try to contact him through the forum in which I found his post. You'll find a link to his forum post at the bottom of this page. In the meantime, here is the...

Seller's Description (Partial)
Accepting offers. Located in Souteastern Wisconsin. Is a solid trailer. Stays warm in winter with built in propane furnace. Take it out on the ice for the winter. Or park it near a busy fishing area in the summer.

Trailer measures 16x6 inside. Has an open floor plan. 3x3 closet built in for utilities, storage, etc.
Ceiling height is 6'4" at entry then gradually raised to 7' at the front.
New trailer lights. Fresh paint in and out. 3 new sliding windows. Fresh roof sealant. Absolutely no leaks.

120v power can be plugged in to the 35amp fuse box. I use a 12v power inverter and two marine batteries to power the trailer when their is no where to plug in. Lasts for 24 hours that way. Trailer has 10 120v outlets throughout. 2 florescent light fixtures.

Equipment includes 2 minnow tanks with aerators and filters. 3 Worm Bins. Live Bait Packaging containers. Small cabinet. Several plastic milk containers. Pegboard displays. Many boxes of Shimano Displays and Power Line Displays still new in box. 5 yard sale type signs for advertising. 2 marine batteries. 1 350w power inverter. Couple of metal shelving units. Stair case. Various plastic totes with lids. About 40 styrofoam worm containers that are meant to be reusable. Kind of like the frabill worm buddies, but my own brand. Worm bedding. Wood chips. Peat moss.

Everything you will need to start selling bait and tackle today. Including my supply of live bait. European Nightcrawlers, Alabama Jumpers and African Nightcrawlers. Fathead minnows. Giant Meal Worms. Wax Worms. Worms are valued at approximately $400 Retail.

Inventory merchandise (Tackle) is valued at $1,172 retail. Inventory list at the bottom of this page.

Listing Details
Listing Location:
Listing Link: Mobile Bait & Tackle Shop for sale

Note: Will Update as soon as I find out if the next one is ready.


Saturday, August 4, 2012

Lunkerville Bass Fishing Tips and Tactics DVD For Sale

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Listing News: from
Our Store!

Lunkerville Bass Fishing Tips and Tactics
Volume 1 DVD
For Sale!

Lunkerville, the television show that brings you real people with real fish stories, presents this compilation of tips and tactics from our favorite guests.

There is lots of interesting bass fishing advice from the everyday anglers in Lunkerville, chaptered into four video segments: Jig Fishing, Soft Plastic Baits, Reaction Baits and Locating Fish. When Indie film director Mike de Avila hooked his passion for story telling onto his love of bass fishing, he spawned the award winning television show, Lunkerville .

While most fishing shows focus on fast-paced professional tournament competition, Mike D prefers to cast his line at the everyday, recreational bass fisherman, his secret spots and special techniques. In his signature laid-back manner, Mike D reels in the camaraderie, the banter and the bass. And sometimes, his guests even bite back.

  • Released on: 2009-01-08
  • Number of discs: 1
  • Format: NTSC
  • Running time: 83 minutes

Price: $16.99

Availability: Usually ships in 24 hours

Link: Lunkerville Bass Fishing Tips and Tactics Volume 1
Directed by Michael de Avila


Sunday, July 15, 2012

New Zebco 33 Spincast Fishing Reel For Sale!

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Listing News: from
Our Store!

Zebco 33 Spincast Fishing Reel
For Sale!

The Zebco 33 Spincast Fishing Reel is the reel I was using when I caught my first Big Bass (6.5lbs), so I can vouch for it's toughness, durability, and Ease of use.

It was Springtime in Texas.
And I was throwing a little Heddon Super Sonic towards a little patch of open water in an otherwise mossy lake. Well, as anyone who's ever used one of these little jewels can tell you, the Zebco 33 Spincast Fishing Reel will cast even the smallest of lures, for miles. And as luck would have it, I had to make just such as cast to reach that clear spot in the water. So I rared back and cast my lure at the distant water when suddenly, the wind caught my lure and hurled it over into a Huge moss bed.

Slightly Agitated, because I had missed my mark, and knowing that I would otherwise be reeling in 20lbs of moss. I yanked the line as if I were setting the hook into a big ole Bass - trying to jerk my lure clear of the moss bed - when, it Yanked Back!

The Fight was On! The monstrous behemoth blew up on the surface slinging it's head side to side trying to free itself from the "well set" lure and then dove back down into the moss bed which, was 30 yards from the boat in which, all I had was a paddle. The battle lasted for more than an hour. Well, more than 10min anyway. Luckily, I didn't have to worry about the moss as he was tearing it up. Eventually I got him close enough to the boat to where I could net him up. A 6 1/2 lb MONSTER Black BASS!!!

Four more monster Bass I caught that day ranging from 3-5lbs and I caught them all, on a Zebco 33.

I HIGHLY Recommend this reel for beginners and Pros alike. And yes, this is the reel that is Made in America by the Zero Hour Bomb Company. Get yours Today!!!

List Price: $29.99
Price: $16.96

Link: Zebco 33 Authentic Spincast Fishing Reel
From Zebco


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tackle Shop For Sale in Starbuck, Washington

Big Bass Classifieds:

Listing News: Found;

Darver Tackle Shop For Sale
in Starbuck, Washington

In a Search, for Tackle shops For Sale. I found; The Darver Tackle Shop in Starbuck, Washington. I don't know anything about the shop, other than what I've read on the website, and saw in the video above. But it looks like a real nice little business. Especially if, the RV Park goes along with it.

Unfortunately there is very little information as to price, and/or terms, if any. So all I can really tell you is that the Darver Tackle Shop is a full service Tackle shop with a wide variety of fishing gear and baits. Their rods, reels, and tackle are specially chosen for fishing the local rivers and streams. They also sell fishing licenses. And they have current information on river conditions.

It seems also, that this is a Mom&Pop operation. With "Darcy", making his own lures and sinkers (patent pending) which can also be purchased with the shop. And he keeps a large supply of "do it yourself" items in stock for those who like to make their own lures. If you're looking for a fishing guide, he's been known to take a group out on occasion.

Then there is "Verna", who keeps busy running the tackle shop. Though she does find time to draw and paint. You can see some of her beautiful art work displayed throughout the shop.

Then there are the 2 Darver Tackle RV Parks.
(Call for lot pricing, and Note; I'm not sure if the RV Park are included in the sale.)

Darver RV Park #1, has 3 FULL service spaces each with a 50 amp hookup, water, sewer, telephone, a patio area, grass, and trees and is conveniently located in downtown Starbuck.

Darver RV Park #2, has 5 FULL service spaces each with a 50 amp hookup, water, sewer, telephone/satellite ready, a 12x14 patio area and attached sidewalk, grass, and trees. Located along the banks of the Tucannon River in Starbuck.

All in all, and if i had a supporting wife. I think I would have to check into purchasing this little tackle shop. But, with things as they are, I will just have to pass the knowledge along to whoever happens to read this blog post. So, if your reading, and you like, and you're interested...

Visit the Darver Tackle Shop website.
(which could be improved upon, i might add. and set up to accommodate Online Ordering.)


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